FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have problem in registering or completing order, please read the FAQ. If you still don't find a right answer for your question/doubts please Call us on: +91-87 5099 4499 or mail your question to info@suitupindia.com

SUI stands for Suit Up India; We are a Marketplace for all things Bespoke/ Custom-Made ! We welcome designers, tailors, printers, shoesmakers, accessory designers and absolutely anyone producing custom made, on order apparel or accessories !

We are a Marketplace where we invite sellers to sell their made to order designs and articles. You can come and design your choice of an article with the help of listed graphics, real-time 3D or even on visit ! Post customising your design, you have options to choose for sizing like Input a standard size that fits you, Enter your own measurements or doorstep tailoring which has features like swatching, measurements and trials at your doorstep. Once you did to cart your order is custom made for you at the SUI Certified seller and delivered post a trial in case the article and vendor provide it!

We have three options for you. You can either pick the Predesigned Graphics where in you can pick from graphic representations of design elements or use our cool new realtime 3D tech and see how your product would look with all the customisations put together. As if this was not enough, we give you option of telling the NaapMaster on his visit about your customisations, the way you would at your regular tailor's/ designer 's shop!

If you find yourself swooning over an extra customisation that you didn't input, you can always advice the NaapMaster in case of Doorstep Tailoring. Incase you have input your size or chosen standard fit, you can write to us here.

Each precious design with your creative set of customisations is made with utmost precision and care by our certified vendors. However the time taken may be different due to the kind of product, the seller, the peak season etc. So we recommend you check it under the product description. It is listed below each product separately!

Some of our sellers do have a cash on delivery service while others prefer advance or part advance as you can well understand, they will be making the article from scratch for you! You can check under each product, the seller's Payment Policies.

We have a special mirror tech that sends your exact order as a mirror image to the vendor. In a rare case that your order is somewhat different from what you order, you may point it out in the trial and it shall be rectified! Thank God, you have the luxury of having your own personal NaapMasters at SUI!

We score the nooks and corners to bring you the best artisans in various apparel and accessory categories. We ensure that their raw materials and craftsmanship is worth bringing to your doorstep. If there is a boutique, tailor, designer you have in mind, recommend them here.

Of course! We kept in mind the pains it takes to design something with total precision. You can not only save your design, you can also earn from it! When you Save your design, it shows on your Designline. You can share it with the world and whenever someone buys it, you get credits in your account which you can use to buy something from the store!

Yes you can check your order history.
Step 1: Click on Track Order.
Step 2: Enter your OrderID Ex. ORD-14500000
Step 3: You're on the page, from where you can track your history

Each vendor on our portal has a different payment policy, it ranges from Payment on Completion of Order to Partial Advance to Full Advance. It is mentioned in product description for your ease!

Yes, as the government dictates, each tailored product has % of tax applicable.

Save and Earn is a cool feature which let's you float your own line of Designer ear on your name! What's more is you can earn from your creativity! You can score through the multiple product options and choose to design them in realtime 3D. When you pick and choose multiple design elements, you may save the product which then shows up on your design line! Whenever someone purchases from your store, you are credited points which are redeemable against your next purchase! Design today!

Of course! If you are a customiser i.e. someone who makes customised clothes/ accessories or printed articles on order and can benefit from our tech and creative community, please feel free to reach us here.

Of course, like any other website you can track your orders with Suit Up India.

Step 1: Click on Track Order.
Step 2: Enter your OrderID Ex. ORD-14500000
Step 3: You're on the page, from where you can track your history